Summer Camps 2020

UpdatedThursday January 23, 2020 byZach Sowinski.

Last year, we focussed a lot of our effort and energy on summer camp. We knew we had the coaches — and we’d run a few camps before — but Summer ‘19 was really the year we turned the corner.

And on the other side of that corner? A WHOLE-LOTTA FOOTBALL!

And a whole-lotta instruction. And repetition. And competition. And a whole-lotta worthy role models (aka coaches) who share stories and talk values and encourage every kid to Get Better and Have Fun. And to Be Better and Act Nice. And to Work Hard and Love Your Mistakes.

Last summer opened our eyes to how powerful and productive (and fun!) a week of camp can really be. We’re finalizing dates and locations now, but we’re ready to keep that ball rolling in Summer ‘20. And really hope you’ll join us.